Limited Pinscher editions

2019 – ongoing

Bone Belge applies bones in its manufacturing process. It is part of a research projects that challenges the handling of waste in design and stimulates the use of out-of-the-box, circular resources.

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100 Micron, artisan bronze for the 21ste century. As an alloy, bronze has been used for ages to create objects that are stronger than ever before. However, a solid bronze table is not that evident. In order to work effectively with this material an innovative bronze coating has been used. Cold liquefiable bronze powder (97% bronze powder and 3% waxes) sprayed on the aluminium table structure results in a lightweight table that has the same characteristics as casted bronze.

PC3.1 Bronze

limited edition of 8

PC3.3 Bone Belge phase 1

limited edition of 8