A series of tables inspired by a clear theme or idea.

2020 - ongoing

'Marmopolitan' expresses our vision on the current use of marble. Processing raw material into a unique, usable plate produces a considerable amount of "waste". Pinscher denies this marble’s usual degradation by cleverly fitting that secondary stream into its collection. The marble determines which piece it ends up in, not the other way around. In doing so, we illustrate that processing and degradation residues can also end up in high-quality objects.

The project wants to mark the start of a collective change of mentality; the upgrading, recycling and use of "waste streams" in design. 'Marmopolitan' wants to inspire and encourage fellow makers to see the untapped potential of their residues.

PC4.6 Rouge Languedoc

S1 - numbered serie of 12


S2 - next Marmopolitan project